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Architects of Sadism

by A Walk With the Wicked

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Scumbag Here we are presented with a death metal band from South Africa. And a damn impressive EP they've managed to churn out from their darkened, angry souls! I have to admit that at first I figured it was a good yet somewhat unremarkable offering, but the longer I listened the more I realised that (once again) my first impression was sorely underappreciative. I'll be rockin' out to this one rather often! Favorite track: Reaching for the Dark.
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Recorded in 2008 by Dean Bailey at Cloud Studios, Cape Town, South Africa

Mixed and mastered by David Castillo at Ghostward Studios, Stockholm, Sweden

All songs written by A Walk With the Wicked

© 2011 A Walk With the Wicked


released January 28, 2011

A Walk With the Wicked is:

Vocals - Rory Molyneux
Guitars - Ian Robbins
Guitars - Mathew Howard-Tripp
Bass - Tim Leibbrandt
Drums - Stephen Makin

Session drums by Adriaan Cronje
Bass guitar by Justin Bedford
Guest solo on "Ancient Servant" by Charles Knighton-Pullin

Recorded by Dean Bailey, Cloud Studios, Cape Town, South Africa
Mixed and Mastered by David Castillo, Ghostward Studios, Stockholm, Sweden



all rights reserved


A Walk With the Wicked Cape Town, South Africa

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Track Name: The Smouldering Remains
The funeral pyre is ready
Gasoline overflows
Methodically planned
From spark to finish

Matches at the ready
It takes a single strike
The flames engulf my body
Sending screams into the night

I see my blistered skin
The fire licks my soul
I cannot take a breath
The heat consumes all hope
The scent of burning hair
Is laced with stink of flesh
Screaming in agony
Or is this final bliss

Nothing will be left
Burned into a crisp
It all goes up in smoke
This useless life I’ve lived

My senses turning numb
It doesn’t hurt at all
I see my skin peel off
Ash drifting to the floor
Fire in my heart
It coarses through my veins
My boiling eyes don’t see
The smouldering remains

The flames grow ever higher
As I reach euphoria
Invincible, untouchable
Icon of burning death

A final blaze of glory
Is all that I wished for
The fire consumes everything
My body, soul no more

Incinerate! Exsanguinate!
My wretched body spurned
I am the white light at the end
And it fucking burns!
Track Name: Medical Miscarriage
Climbing through stairways
And breaking through dead bolts
A putrid stench fills the air
Chained to the rafters
Patients of perversion
A medical miscarraige
Wanting to know what makes
Human beings work
Ethics forgotten
As the flesh becomes rotten
The ones who are lucky are dead

Solo: Robbins

Cock cut off
Mangled and given a feminine shape
Eyes pulled out
Pins and needles punched in the face
Sticks shoved in
Holes in the head to stir up the brain
Blood kept in
Elegant teacups on elegant plates

These were no longer human in shape

Limbs torn off
Leaving the body writhing in place
Bones broken
Reset at angles for which they were’t made
Skin pulled back
Muscle infected, infested with sores
Mouths sewn shut
To see how long they could not eat at all

Victims of a sadistic whim

Some still lay around
Screaming, bloody, sore
Freakish creations
Dripping flecks of gore
Granting them mercy
Execution rite
Spirits are released
Into wordless night
Track Name: Ancient Servant
The stars align
To usher in an evil
Beyond what you or I
Can scarcely comprehend

Beneath the fathoms
Of crushing darkness
The dread god lies entombed
Not dead but dreaming

Not dead but dreaming
Rise! Priest of desolation

This blackened spirit
In servitude to you
Will heed your demon call
From afar
Offering human sacrifice
To gain your favour
Be spared the terrors
And be devoured first

Oh, great old prophet
Consume my soul

Have mercy on this spirit
Have mercy on this soul
Ingest this human body
And send it straight to hell

I carve your sign in my flesh
I slake the virgin blood
I desecrate the altars
Of every lesser god

Solo: Knighton-Pullin / Robbins

Solo: Howard-Tripp
Track Name: Reaching for the Dark
From the day our eyes were opened
Forever altered what we see
Safeguarded knowledge kept hidden
Buried beneath the centuries

Sacred books of arcane wisdom
The cosmic time and place of man
Unleashing works of pure precision
Behold, The Ancient’s master plan

And we shall be more than created
Behind this frail human mask
We will never see the light
We are reaching for the dark

And who shall live to tell this tale
Once all that said has come to pass
We will never see the light (again)
We are reaching for the dark

Darkness is contained
Withing these blackened tomes
Reminding us of where our loyalties lie
So many years slept in slumber
So many years that even death may die

The ancient prophets are awakened
The resurrection has begun
The earth will tremble as they waken
Block out the sky, destroy the sun

Solo: Howard-Tripp

The astral powers are converging
Your death will be painless and fast
Your soul will dwell in hell eternal
Forever shrouded in dark
Track Name: Already Dead
War-torn, and violent
Lurching towards your fate
Shrapnel rains from the sky
Can you feel it

Ridden with bullet wounds
Bloodstains upon your boots
Fist clenched, weapon in hand
Will yourself forward

We shall first lead the strike
Foremost, our will to die
Sadistic tendencies
Vehement urge to fight

Grey skies will see the war
Corpses litter the floor
Gun shot, straight to the head
You are already dead
The body is willing
The spirits all have fled
Mindless warriors
Intent on their bloodshed
Demonic power keeps the fires fed
The battle rages on forever
Already dead

Flags mark the fallen hordes
Tearing through flesh with swords
As the forsaken gods
Watch in delight

Undead, they soldier on
Towards a lightless dawn
Staining the white bones red
We are already dead

You’ll never live to see another sunrise
You’ll never feel light on your skin
Your flesh is left behind and rotten
Your body is already dead

Nothing awaits you again in this life
Slaughter becomes second nature
Ripping off limbs as you cross the battlefield
Tearing apart the weak and the wretched

Solo: Robbins
Track Name: Architects of Sadism
Shambling corpses
Stand again walls
Ten thousand strong
Cadaverous halls

Prime motivation
Biological warfare
Human life forfiet
In the face of torture

Breeding disease
In clinical conditions
Slicing up mothers
To study their children

Blood escapes
Ruptured eyes
Splintered bones
Ripped apart
Torn at the seams
Spun to death
Unsettling screams

Victims of
Germ attacks
Guts ground up
Fed to rats
Raped for birth
Test subjects
Nothing remains
To resurrect

Murdered in the name of science
Human torture feasted on
Bloodstained walls behold the horror
Architects of sadism

Plague laced flesh
Starved to death